Brian Keyser & Leigh Good friend: “Composing the Cheese Plate” | Talks at Google

Tired of the same-old cheese plate? Or just want to expand your cheese-plate expertise? Watch Fromager Brian Keyser and Chef Leigh Friend present their new cookbook, “Composing the Cheese Plate”. With seventy recipes for accompaniments—from spicy fruit chutneys to whole grain mustards and nut brittles—and dozens of unexpected pairings, this cookbook will help you create a one-of-a-kind cheese course every time!

Join them as Brian shares his secrets in this insider’s guide to the wide, wondrous world of cheese, and Leigh talks about the numerous condiments that will bring it to the next level! Watch her demo two recipes: bourbon walnuts, paired with goat cheese, and kale pesto, paired with ricotta!

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