18 July 2024

Billionaire Roundup: Billionaires Courting, Kidnappings, And A Melee in Malibu, And Extra!

This isn’t the first time kidnapping has touched Ecclestone’s family. In 2012, a dental technician was sentenced to five years in prison for threatening to kidnap Ecclestone’s daughter.

This is a developing story.

Dr. Dre In Malibu Brouhaha
Billionaire music mogul Dr. Dre found himself handcuffed in front of his beachfront Malibu mansion the other day. The catch is that Dre was the one being racially abused by a random ranting man in a car blocking Dre’s driveway.

Dre reportedly asked the white man to move his car so that he could access his own driveway. The man complied, yelling and cussing at him the whole time. Dre pulled out his cell phone to take a video of the lunacy and the man said: “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.”

The man then called 911 to report that someone had pulled a gun on him. Charming, right? The cops showed up and cuffed and patted down Dre. No weapon was found and Dre was released.

However, the other driver – you know, the one who blocked Dre’s driveway and then yelled at him, cussed him out, and called 911 on him – wanted to file a complaint against Dre. He did and that report is now on its way to the DA’s office for review.

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